Bound to Please

Book Publishing in Wisconsin

Wisconsin People & Ideas Magazine
Winter/Spring 2023

A look at Wisconsin’s long history of small- and mid-sized presses focusing on regional writers, as well as new micro- and hybrid-press

Open Book

Wisconsin People & Ideas Magazine
Winter/Spring 2019

When Corrine’s father comes home with video surveillance equipment, planning to make what he calls the first ever “real reality show,” she is forced to deal with a dark reality.

How To Play With Fire

The Other Stories Podcast
February 2017

Sometimes getting what you want isn’t all its cracked up to be. An interview with host, Ilana Masad, follows the story.

Everything Burns

2nd Place
Annual Fiction Contest

Wisconsin People & Ideas Magazine
Winter/Spring 2022

“An intimate and fascinating look at life inside communist Cuba. The young narrator feels the weight of his family, his race, and his gender as he navigates his mother’s illness and the expectations he feels unequipped to fulfill.”

~Fiction Judge, Chris Fink


Fictive Dream
September 2017

At the end of a long teaching career, strict and exacting Miss Brill finds herself with the opportunity to break her usual pattern and show compassion toward one of her students.

Our Hoyles

Literally Stories
June 2017

Caught between her sister’s disapproval of her marriage and her “slam card playing husband,” Delores has an opportunity to take the first step toward asserting herself.

Moot Point Magazine
February 2023

With her new husband debilitated by a mysterious condition, Isabelle passes the hours next to his hospital bed examining their relationship, her beliefs, and the business card for a prayer chain website that has found its way into her hands.

Night Vision

Solstice Literary Magazine
January 2016

 In a fit of insomnia, Iraq war veteran, Brad takes to the streets of his Midwestern city wearing night vision goggles.

Brush Strokes

Pink Panther Magazine
September 2018

 Abstract artist, Anna’s creative spark takes a surprising turn in response to the misogynistic paintings of Max, the assistant at a gallery where Anna would like to show her work.

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