“It seems as if Kim Suhr doesn’t invent characters; rather, she channels them. She finds a perfect balance between the plainspoken thoughts of her unlikely heroes and the exquisitely chiseled prose of her own voice. “Oh him,” you might think; “Oh, her”; and then the punch of a story’s turn makes you gasp with recognition.”

Sandra Scofield, National Book Award finalist, author of Beyond Deserving

Available in paperback and kindle ebook.

                      Also available as an audiobook:

“Smoothly weaving in strands of nature and philosophy and literary references, Kim’s reflections on life and family take many forms – short essays, poetry, a micro play – while exploring everything from what’s the best name for a bout of flu (Mordred or Caliban are two possibilities) to the painful, existential crisis of a sensitive seven-year-old. Through it all, I both revisited my own early years of motherhood and enjoyed seeing another family’s life through the author’s crisp, funny, and smart language.”

Lisa Rivero, author of Oscar’s Gift: Planting Words with Oscar Micheau

“This is a compelling and raw love story – a story of a man learning to love himself in spite of the poverty and abuse that life and family gave him, a man who never quit loving that same family, a man who did what it took to survive and to come to love a new country that was often hostile to him, a man who met another that he came to love deeply and would lose, a man who slowly began to feel the love of the family of his beloved, and a story of how a loving soul can make it through tragedy and renewal by hook or by crook.”Robert N. Minor, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, University of Kansas